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Transcript FAQ

What is a transcript?

A transcript is a comprehensive record of your academic progress. Your name will appear on your transcript as it appears on your university record. Please Note: There is a 21-character limit in the student record system and, as a result, if your name exceeds this limitation your full name will not print on the transcript.

What is an official transcript?

Official UF transcripts are printed on security paper that includes tests for authenticity. When mailed, each transcript will arrive in an individually sealed University of Florida envelope with the University Registrar's stamp and signature across the envelope flap.

How can I order my transcript?

Go to top of the Student Self-Service left menu and select the appropriate item under the Transcripts category.

What is an unofficial transcript, also referred to as a transcript view?

Unofficial UF transcripts are not printed on security paper. Current and former students can view and screen print a copy of their unofficial transcript whenever they need to. While this copy may not be accepted as official by other institutions, insurance companies or potential employers, it is free and available online for immediate review for grades checking, advising, interviews, etc.

How can I view or screen print my unofficial transcript?

Go to top of the Student Self-Service left menu and select Current or Former Students under the Transcripts category or by selecting Final Grades under the My Record category.

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Without a credit card, how can I order my transcript?

Since ordering with a credit card is required for online orders, you should consider purchasing a prepaid credit card. Otherwise, please contact us at 352-392-1374 for specific instructions on submitting a written request. You may also come in person to the Registrar's Office, 222 Criser Hall, with a personal check or money order.

How much is a transcript?

  • $6.00 each for currently registered UF students or for students registered the immediate past term.
  • $12.00 each for students who are not enrolled and have not been registered at UF for two or more terms.

What credit or debit cards are acceptable for payment?

Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club.

What is the difference between a current student and a nonenrolled student?

Current students are registered for the current term or the immediate past term. All others are nonenrolled students. The transcript order system automatically determines the charge based on your enrollment status.

Why does the university charge for transcripts?

While state statute long ago authorized charging for transcripts, UF never did until just recently, when it needed to recover the costs necessary to print and mail the documents.

Can I provide my credit card information by mail or over the telephone?

No, you must submit your credit card payment through the secure online system on your personal device.

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Ordering Information

How many transcripts can I order?

You can order as many as you need. If you order transcripts in person at the Registrar's Office, there may be a limit if there are lots of students requesting on-demand transcripts.

How can I order a transcript?

Before you place your order, review your unofficial transcript to verify that your most recent grades, grade changes, degree remarks, etc. are posted. While the unofficial transcript may not be accepted by other institutions or potential employers as an official UF transcript, it is available for your immediate review and you can also screen print a copy.

Transcripts cannot be ordered by email/telephone/fax, cannot be emailed/sent to the student as PDFs, and cannot be held for printing on a future date. UF will mail official transcripts only. "Official" indicates the transcript is printed on security paper that includes tests for authenticity. The transcript is also placed individually in University of Florida envelopes sealed with the University Registrar's stamp and signature across the envelope flap.

All payments are non-refundable. Transcript payments options: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diner's Club, or in-person/mail with check/money order. Credit card payments must be made from your personal device (smartphone, laptop, etc.).

Please allow at least 10 business days for your request to process and mail.

If you would like to pick up your transcript in person, you may do so by selecting the "Issue in Person" option in the transcript ordering system. Your request will be ready for pickup on the 10th business day after placing your order, excluding state and federal holidays. You can pick it up at the counter in 222 Criser Hall, Monday through Friday, 8 am - 5 pm.

Please go all the way through until you see your order has completed successfully and there is an order number. Your order is not finalized until you click 'Finish.'

What can delay my transcript order?

Incomplete payment or a hold on your record will prevent release of your transcripts. Once an order has been placed, you must resolve all holds and complete payment within 60 days. If your order expires, any payments previously received will be retained and cannot be applied toward future transcript orders.

Can I send my transcript electronically?

It depends. UF can send electronic transcripts to the Florida Department of Education and other Florida public State University System (SUS) schools. These transcripts send directly to the undergraduate admissions office of the eligible school. Orders to offices other than the undergraduate admissions office or to non-eligible schools will be mailed via United States Postal Service first class mail.

How can I tell if my school is eligible for electronic transcript delivery?

In the transcript ordering system on you should choose "Florida Institutions". When you click your chosen school, a pop-up will appear indicating that the transcript will be delivered electronically to the undergraduate admissions office. If no pop-up appears, then your transcript will be mailed via United States Postal Service first class mail.

Can I request my transcript with an electronic signature?

No. Your letter of request or a completed PDF request form mailed to the Registrar's Office must include your handwritten signature.

Can I fax my order to the Registrar's Office?

No. Because payment must accompany the order, faxed transcript orders are not accepted.

How will I know that my transcripts were mailed?

You can view your transcript order history on ONE.UF Transcript Orders.

When is the transcript system available?

  • Monday - Saturday, 7:00 a.m to 4:30 a.m., Eastern Standard Time
  • Sunday, 10:00 a.m. to 4:30 a.m., EST
  • Note: The transcript system occasionally closes for maintenance. Should you be on Student Self-Service when the system closes, your order will be saved and you can logon again to complete the order when the system reopens.
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Special Circumstances

I need to mail a form with my transcript? How can I attach a form to my online order?

  • Place an order on Student Self-Service > Transcripts Monday-Friday for a transcript to be mailed to the address listed on your form.
  • The same business day that you place your order, bring your form to the Registrar Information Counter, 222 Criser Hall, or fax the completed form to 352-846-1126 before 4:30 p.m. EST.
  • Five minutes after faxing your form, call 352-392-1374 to verify that your fax was received.
  • If you do not follow the steps outlined, your transcript may be mailed without the form.

I do not have a computer. How can I order my transcript?

If you cannot use the online system, please contact us for instructions to mail in a request with a check or money order. We can be contacted by phone Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., at 352-392-1374.

My academic record is not available online. How can I order a transcript?

If your birth year is 1956 or later, your record has been converted to our online system. Complete information on ordering a transcript can be found at this Student Self-Service site. If you need additional assistance, contact our office at 352-392-1374.

Can someone else pick up my transcript?

A legal power of attorney or a signed, notarized written statement from you must be presented for someone else to pick up your transcript. At pick up, the individual named in the documents must present valid picture identification, and transcript payment is required via check (payable to the University of Florida); credit card payment will not be accepted.

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Problems and Other Issues

A hold on my record is preventing release of my transcript. How long will it take to get my transcript?

You cannot order or receive a transcript until you clear the hold.

My credit card did not go through. What do I do?

Try again later and/or use a different credit card. If you still cannot complete the online order, please call 352-392-1374 for assistance. The Registrar's Office will be happy to research the problem.

Can I order a transcript to print at a future date?

No, transcript requests cannot be held and printed at a future date. View your unofficial transcript first to verify that all the information you need (current-term grades, grade changes, degree remarks, etc.) is on the transcript before you place the order.

Can the university fax or email my transcript to me or to a third party?

No, security reasons prevent the Registrar's Office from faxing or emailing transcripts.

How can I check the status of my transcript order

Go to Student Self-Service > Transcripts and check either the Pending Requests or Completed Requests links. If you still have questions, call our office at 352-392-1374.