University of Florida STUDENT SELF SERVICE

Student Self-Service Help  

The Student Self-Service homepage provides one-stop access to all Student Self-Service functions, and you can open/close the menu categories depending on what you need at the time.

Secure services (accessed via your GatorLink username and password) will always be on the left menu; general content will always be on the right.

When you click on an application, registration for instance, you will be prompted to log on. Once you log on, you can access any service without multiple log ons.

Look below to familiarize yourself with the services and features of Student Self-Service.

  1. The Student Self-Service logo is a live link. When you click on it, from any page, you will return to the Student Self-Service homepage.
  2. My Online Services menu, organized by type of service. Items within each category link you to services that provide information about your academic and financial record.
    This information is confidential and protected, and requires your GatorLink logon to proceed.
    Note: Click on the arrow to left of the menu category to open or to close the submenu of services and to shorten the menu. This allows you to display only those services most important to you.
    If cookies are turned on in your web browser, the left menu will appear as you left it when you return to Student Self-Service.
  3. Message bar provides the times Student Self-Service is available and there is a Contact Us email link should you have problems or questions.
  4. The data "well" where announcements, such as critical dates, appear.
  5. My Resources on the right menu provides categories with alphabetized links to information, instructions and/or other websites commonly requested by current students.
  6. Under the Advising Info category is Preview Guide, an online set of resources for incoming freshmen.
  7. Footer provides live links to the most accessed UF office websites.